TV/Radio/Podcast Appearances 

March 2024 | AFCON and the Power of Unity (CSIS IntoAfrica)

February 2024 | Senegal's president delays elections indefinitely (ABC Radio National)

November 2023 | Off Cycle Elections In Nigeria Its Impact On Bayelsa, Imo And Kogi States (Channels Television)

September 2023 | Mali, Niger and Burkina Faso sign security pact (ABC Radio National)

August 2023 | DAY BREAK: TINUBU'S CABINET;The Role Of Newly Created Ministries On Meeting The Nation's Challenges (Trust TV)

August 2023 | First Move with Julia Chatterley - on Niger (CNN)

June 2023 | 2023 Election: EU Observation Report Reflects the Conclusion of CSOs & Citizens - Itodo | Adekaiyaoja (Arise TV)

May 2023 | Death toll from Nigeria's Plateau State up to 85 (Newzroom Afrika)

Apr 2023 | Supplementary Elections: High Level of Voter Inducement Across Polls - Afolabi Adekaiyaoja (Arise TV)

Mar 2023 | NigeriaDecides: Governorship and House of Assembly Elections - Afolabi Adekaiyaoja (Arise TV)

Feb 2023 | Long wait for Nigeria's election results (Newzroom Afrika)

Feb 2023 | Power of Young Voters in Nigeria (Newzroom Afrika)

Feb 2023 | 2023 Elections: The Major Determinant Factors (Trust TV )

Feb 2023 | Despite Interventions, Vote Trading Will be a Determining Factor in 2023  (Arise TV)

Nov 2022 |  2023: Analysing Candidates and Parties  (Arise TV)

In Press

28 Nov 2023 | Sierra Leone prison break: What may have sparked the violence (BBC News)

26 Nov 2023 | Nigerians resort to emergency loans as austerity and inflation bite (Financial Times)

20 Sep 2023 | US Treasury’s overtures to Nigeria teases era of renewed global relevance (Semafor)

7 Sep 2023 | Where is the next African coup? (Financial Times)

7 Sep 2023 | Opposition supporters saddened as tribunal upholds President Tinubu’s win (Al Jazeera)

4 Sep 2023 | Gabon coup deals setback to France's strategy in Africa (Financial Times)

7 Aug 2023 | Niger coup: Divisions as ECOWAS military threat fails to play out (Al Jazeera)

1 Aug 2023 | West African leaders get tough on Niger with threat of military action (Financial Times)

29 May 2023 | Economy and insecurity top agenda for Nigeria’s new president (Financial Times)

19 Apr 2023 | AFP: Nigeria Elections Filled With Disinformation (VOA)

19 Apr 2023 | Nigeria Disinformation Tide Targets Electoral Watchdog, Courts (Barrons)

21 Mar 2023 | Japa – the new trend driving Nigerians to study abroad? (The PIE News)

13 Mar 2023 | Nigerian Emigration Challenges Underscored by Contested Election (Morning Consult)

5 Mar 2023 |  ‘Change will come’: Africa’s ‘dinosaur’ leaders win polls, but their young challengers won’t fade away (The Guardian)

28 Feb 2023 | Bola Tinubu leads disputed Nigerian vote as opposition calls for election rerun (Financial Times)

28 Feb 2023 | 2023 election: Disenfranchised for being identical twins (The ICIR)

26 Feb 2023 | Nigeria election results trickle in after tight presidential race (Semafor)

25 Feb 2023 | Nigeria's presidential election is more open and uncertain than ever (Le Monde)

23 Feb 2023 | In Nigeria, the#EndSARS generation places hope in election (Le Monde)

25 Feb 2023 | Nigerians go to the polls in closest-run vote in country’s democratic era (Financial Times)

18 Feb 2023 | Heightened election violence may taint 2023 polls (Dataphyte)

7 Feb 2023 | Pollsters aim to bring public insight to Nigeria’s elections for the first time (Financial Times)

18 Jan 2023 | Attacks on electoral commission spark concerns for Nigeria polls (Al Jazeera)

14 Nov 2022 | The YVote Naija Fest wants young Nigerians to be more politically conscious (Culture Custodian)

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